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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

St. Paddy's Day - Dublin, Ireland (AKA Best Weekend of my life)

What's the Craic Ireland? Welcome friends to the epicness that is 

 Guinness Factory Dance Party to ween off the waiting jigs.

 Leah scored a soccer hat!

 Went through the makings of Stout.

 Live music is NEVER a bad thing
 Views from the Gravity Bar!

 Free Guinness Stout 8-)
 This man lived in Ocean City, MD for a few years bar-tending! Go figure.

 Temple Bar Area

 The Porterhouse Tester :-P
It was a big rugby weekend! Every time I was talking to an Irish guy my line was "Hey did you see the rugby game yesterday? Mental right?!" ~~ flawless ;)
Danielle, Leah and I ran our first annual 5K with over 1000 participants. And made it under 30 minutes at that.

This was the motto of the weekend. The 5K handed out gift baggies and this was an advertisement for the new Muppet movie.

 The festival.

 People squeezed to see wherever they could..
 In a literal sense..
Including Kyle...
 And me... yes.. i climbed a telephone pole....

 Thumper with friends we met in Medical School in the Carribbean! Fun guys to say the least.

 Mi Amore Daniella!
 St. Paddy's Amusement rides in front of their congress building.

 Back to celebrate in Temple Bar Area.
 The girls!
 Most of these coming up are just spectacular monuments and scenes throughout the town..

 Porterhouse (my favorite pub in the world so far)
 The lampposts all have 4-leafed clovers

 A fun stumble upon! We found a gorgeous park for strolling.

 Blue Jay
Dublin also had really fun doors (not to be mistaken by the band... When Danielle told me about the Doors my instant reaction was "A coverband is playing here?!?!?!?!)

Everyone needs to go to Ireland... Need me to say it again more passive aggressively? YOU NEED TO GO TO IRELAND. I don't care if you go to Dublin or Shannon or Gallaway.. JUST GO! The people are so lucky because they are GOOD PEOPLE. The best people. I can't begin to describe how much charm, kindness and (most importantly) spirit generates from just being in their presence. Good things happen to good people. Thank you for the amazing weekend Ireland this won't be the last of me. And as for you, St.Paddy, "Stay Mental"

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