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Monday, March 10, 2014

Nafplio, Greece / Wine Tasting

Here's pictures from the trip to Nafplio including the castle tour, downtown pictures and 
the wine tasting tour for the international students at Deree!

Brief Castle Architecture History :
Based off of Venetian architecture; therefore it gave off a medieval Italian history vibe to the layout and design.  The town was the capital of the First Hellenic Republic, from the start of the Greek Revolution in 1821 until 1834.
 A view of town from the castle.
 The crew!

 Nunu and Laluu :-)

 Went off by myself for a while *cough*(in search for the Holy Grail)*** to take pictures...........

 Climbed ahead of the group to snap some pictures and offroad exploring.

 This is the prison where the first President of Greece was held for 3 weeks. I can only imagine how the damp, cold stone got to his head during that duration of sentencing.
 The Mediterranean Sea!
 Walking towards our lunch, Aurora's pretty flowered hair.

 Downtown Nafplio!

 Exploring the older side of Nafplio after lunch.

 The view of the castle from the far side of Nafplio.
 And on the otherside.. the Sea :-)

 The water's temperature was really cold at the time being that its winter season still however it was flawless and really refreshing.

 Here is a view of a wine cellar where we got a tour of how wine is made and stored. Really cute winery we got to experience.

 My Seattleite friend Aurora from Seattle, Washington!
 We got pretty cheesy after a while

 Punklife: Hassan and I yingyang twins
 Jill scored bigtime at the winery!
 A view from outside the winery
 My philosophical bud Conman and I.
 Agapimouuu Tassos had plenty of wine to spare.
A final view at the winery! Really a gorgeous place and we filled it with gorgeous people! Check down another weekend for the books.

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