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Friday, February 28, 2014

Bonn, Germany

So grateful that I got to visit my Fraulein Julika this past weekend in her hometown 
Bonn, Germany! 
It was Karneval weekend so naturally all we ate was candy, beer and wiener schnitzel.  

A cowgirl and tinkerbell biking our way downtown!
 The opening ceremony for the parade that day!
 So many fun performances rolled through for about an hour!
 "Kamela!!" echoed through the streets as candy was being thrown at us for a solid two hours.
 Day 2. Ready to rock.
 Pos to Christian and Jule :-)
 Loved this haus!
Christian, Jule and I.

 My German habibi :-)
 Surgeon and Drindl outfit.
 Entertainment the 2nd day!
 Jule having and bad time :(
 Jule having and good time :D
 Christian the pirate got slit in the throat, luckily there was a qualified surgeon around.
 The after party!
 This is John (Batman) who spoke English the best out of everyone there and he was awesome.
 Our Karneval crew :-)

Besides the nonstop candy, Karneval is kind enough to throw colored pencils, sponges, pasta, tomatoes and lucky enough for me, an onion!
Julika ran out into the middle of the parade to get this picture hahah
 Das sponge
 Tink and Captain Hook (Paul). Who spoke English very poorly when he had a few drinks lol.

No Karneval this day! Jule and I went downtown for a bike ride and a walk around Bonn. It was a beautiful day.
This is Julika's apartment complex.
Our bike stop downtown.
 Beethoven was born in Bonn!
 Some shops downtown.

 City Hall in Bonn (Which during the time of the Berlin split was the capital of Germany)
 University buildings.

 The river crossing through Bonn.

 Beethoven's house!

 This is Germany's famous beer and the infamous slogan "Bitte ein Bit"!!!!

 Church square.

Jule and I's bike ride home :-)

 I got myself a drindl downtown!

Ending the Germany blog with icebear 
"Hans Christos FBI agent." that we caught at Karneval.
Jule I love you and can't wait to see you again thanks for
an unforgettable weekend! 

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