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Monday, February 10, 2014

Miscellaneous! (Including Scavenger Hunt, Meals & Kyle's birthday)

 My friend Nora (from Cairo) and I after a very unsuccessful scavenger hunt.
 Papa Tassos made his girls a delicious dinner including chicken, potatoes, Tadzhik, Greek Salad (pronounced Horr-yah-tiki) and lots of Olive oil.
 In the back is the ruins of the temple of Athena (Parthenon) within the Acropolis.
 Subway station (for the scavenger hunt)
 Emily and I got our nose's pierced together for 10 Euro!
 The "fake" bridge photo for the scavenger hunt...
 Fun photo of some friends.
 Happy Birthday to Kyle! The most aggressive ballroom dancer from the wild wild Midwest.
 Toga! Toga!

 Kyle's Birthday filled with 80's rock and good friends (spot my wrist wrap in the back lol)
 AIFS 7 (Tassos's girls)
 Pigeon Haven

 Picture of me thanks to the amazing photographer Lorissa!
 Here's a picture of our back balcony in our apartment.
 Giant aloe plant on the walk to class!
 Most amazing Greek Salad in Aghia Paraskevi,
(Horr-yah-tiki) at it's finest
 Potluck night. Consisting of chicken, pork and lamb. mmm.
 Naturally Kyle was designated meat packer.
 Octopus P-:
 Tassos's dinner meal. P-: (x2)
 These guys are #1.. both of them. The best.
 View of the Acropolis. Scenes like this can be seen at all angles around downtown (specifically the areas Monastaraki and Thissio)
 A cat decided to sit on Kyle's lap during dinner for at least 15 minutes haha)
SUPERBOWL SUNDAY! (AT 1:30 IN THE MORNING). At first we were worried that we wouldn't be able to view the Superbowl but James Joyce's Irish Pub came to the rescue. Pretty epic. It was refreshing being at a bar full of Americans. Didn't get home till about 5:30am though..
 Plus there was free hotdogs and wings at halftime ;)
 Another view of James Joyce's Irish Pub.
 Alex and I were practicing Greek during commercials.....
 A quick look at the Farmer's Market that comes on Mondays! (Super cheap. You can get a kilo of about anything for 1 Euro) Ex) 1 Euro = About 7-6 Oranges.
 John Boy Representing me :-)
 Danielle and I enjoying each other's presences.
 Our friend Hassan told Kyle he looked like James Franco and then this happened...
 The start of the longest birthday celebration I've ever experienced...

 Kyle and Alex being BFFs part one
 Kyle and Alex being BFFs part two

 Conner stole my phone at lunch...

Unlike popular belief here is a quick picture of Greek homework to prove to you guys we are participating in our academics as well :-).

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