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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Meteora, Greece Day 1

Meteora, Greece.
(GreekΜετέωραpronounced [mɛˈtɛoɾɐ], lit. "middle of the sky", "suspended in the air" or "in the heavens above"
Only a 6 hour train ride from cooler Athens, Meteora was a comfortable 70 degrees without a cloud in the sky.
There are six of monasteries located in Meteora that remain today. Of these six, four were inhabited by men, and two by women. Each monastery has fewer than 10 inhabitants. The monasteries are now tourist attractions.
One of the most fulfilling and adventurous weekends of my entire life. 
 This is where we ate dinner shortly after arriving. Very delectable food options offered at this town square (plat-tea-ah).
 View of the rock faces from our hostel located on the left.
 Greek Orthodox church located in town.

 Dinner time view.

 There were many bird cages located in town like this.

 Cool restaurant located by the foot of the walking trail.
 A rock and roll Volkswagen located at the foot of the hiking trail.
 The evening stroll begins...
 With this adorable puppy. He would greet and kiss goodbye travelers coming in and out of the trail. A legendary puppy to say the least, so we named him Hercules.

 Climbing around for some views :-)

 Located at the top of this structure was the monastery we entered the next day. It was closed off already for the night when we walked up there.

 There were times throughout this hike that I had to remind myself I wasn't playing in fantasy land. I felt like we were venturing as fellowship to destroy the one ring. (myself as Mr.Frodo, naturally)

 A view of a gondola that was an option to reach the monastery as well (we never ended up using it)

 Sniped kyle taking a (not so) classic selfie shot,
 Getting towards sunset..

 The first in the line of monasteries from right to left. This one with the backdrop of the illuminating mountain ranges hit the group really deep.

 View of town from the top.

 Our girl Reese has a degree in photography and her own facebook page. Check out/Like her page "Lorissa Renfro Photography" and see her amazing ability to capture all the right moments.
Here's the last shot I got for the first day. The sunset quicker than our minds were thinking. This short hike being a pre-requisite for the 10 hour hike and sites on the next day.  

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