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Monday, January 27, 2014

My Campus

Deree: The American College of Greece.
There is a nice ratio of Greek students to International students.
So far I've made many friends with Egyptians and Greeks as far as international friendships go.
Everyone can speak English very well but are just as excited to speak Greek if you are willing to participate.  
 Campus Entrance
 Entrance to the Starbucks (always a must have) & AC building where 2 of my classes are held.
 Not sure what this is
 View of Athens from campus.
 Here's my friend Alex extenuating a typical Greek god statue.
 Greek Orthodox church on campus.
 Amazing view of Ahgia Paraskevi (My area of Athens) pronouned - (Ah-gee-ah Pear-ah-ski-vee)

 Not sure about this either. This was a stumble upon.
 This is the president of Deree's house.
 Sites like this are to be seen all throughout campus.

 Theater located on campus
 This is where i have futbol practice (im playing soccer here lol) When in Athens..
 Some art done by the greek students located in the AC building
A nice touch to the campus giving it an artistic twist in the midst of European cigarettes, coffee and education.


  1. I wanted to hit the Like symbol for some of this - couldn't find it! Views - awesome. Stumble upons - cool, prez's house - cool, weather - rainy?

    1. Aunt Steph,
      I know I think I will end up adding some pictures to Facebook after all. The weather today is pouring but I'd say so far it rains about 2 times a week. Greek winter is the primetime for rain so its off and on. We had an incredible Mediterranean thunder storm the other night, it was outrageous.
      Love you