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Monday, January 27, 2014

Trip to Delphi : The ancient center of the world & dinner in Arachova

Passing through Arachova to get to Delphi
 Bus picture; reaching the snowy mountains of Greece
 A group picture of my friends from bottom left to right (Elle, Nora, Kyle, Me, Alex, Aurora) from CO, Kyro in Egpyt, MO, MD, PA, WA.
Alex and I
Here's my "moonwalk in Greece video" in honor of the God of the Arts Apollo lol.
 More friends including Leah, myself, Achyllis, Taylor and Danielle!
 We took a museum tour of Delphi artifacts before entering the site....
... Kyle really enjoyed it.
 Amazing stone textures. Stories of the war against Troy. Unlike popular belief the war was fought for imperialistic reasons rather than the beautiful eyes of Helen. (go figure.)
 More artifacts
 Egyptian art influences ancient Greek very much at the beginning of the Hellenistic periods.

 Hey guys smile!

 2000 years old made of Bronze. Very amazing how in shape this piece is.
 Leaving the museum.
 This is where things got real. The center of Delphi was a haven where travelers would set there travels as a prerequisite to the actual journey. Example) travelers would come to Apollo's site here to ask the oracle questions as to set off east or west. How crops would become fertile and so on and so forth.
 It was raining. A lot.
 Staying dry.
Apollo was known for his tributes to the arts, music, poetry, reasoning and rational thinking, harmony, prophecy, sun (light) and was known as a median of knowledge. This area in ancient times was not only a sanction for the god but a place to celebrate all that he brought to life.
 WVU baby. Asking the oracle how to improve our football team next year lol.

 The view was.... (a loss for words)

Finishing Oracle of Delphi pictures with a church.
 Back in Arachova for a nice 4 course dinner including wine :-)

 John Boy! My greek Ra just happens to be a Redskins fan. (I literally have no idea why) (none) (whatsoever)

The things I've experienced these last two in a half weeks are enough for a lifetime already.
Having the time of my life :-)

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